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Southern Community Newspapers Kicks off 2020 with Vision Data Software

January 27, 2020 - RENSSELAER, NEW YORK –Southern Community Newspapers Inc., (SCNI), has chosen Vision Data’s Total Advertising, Sales / Mobile Ad Order, Total Layout and AD Tracking. Southern Community Newspapers Inc. headquartered in Lawrenceville, GA, operates a newspaper publishing business, which consists of six daily newspapers and one weekly newspaper, all of which will be migrating to Vision Data’s applications over the next 6 months. The publications, located in the Atlanta Metro area and Southwest Georgia include Clayton News Daily, Gwinnett Daily Post, Henry Daily Herald, Jackson Progress-Argus, Newton Citizen, The Rockdale Citizen and The Albany Herald.

SCNI chose to move forward with Vision Data’s Total Advertising Suite of applications, which will provide increased flexibility with simplified, real time data analysis capabilities. The Total Advertising Suite is comprised of Vision Data’s sales/CRM tools, Mobile Ad Order Entry, Billing and Production. Vision Data’s hosted environment offers an economical solution for publishers to utilize the advantages of hosting without the high cost of 3rd party hosted options. The Vision Data solution will include integrations with other media partners to provide maximum benefits for their advertisers while lowering overhead and duplication for their newspapers.

“We’re excited to partner with Vision Data.  We spent considerable time vetting various solutions for our business and Vision Data offered the best suite of products for our needs.  Their team of professionals was fantastic in thoroughly explaining the features and benefits available to our company” noted Mike Gerhart, Executive Vice President and COO of SCNI. Vision Data’s President Tom Dempsey said, “We are proud to have been chosen by SCNI and look forward to collaborating with their very talented team.” Vision Data has been providing quality solutions for media partners for over 40 years, attributing their longevity and success to a staff that is committed to quality, innovation and superior support services. “At the end of the day, it is all about our customers”, says Dempsey.


About Vision Data - Vision Data Equipment Corp. offers advertising, sales management/CRM, circulation management, online marketing, pagination, retail layout and ad tracking solutions for media groups including Pioneer News Group, Shaw Media, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc and Community Newspapers Inc.  With more than 3,000 local newspaper publications relying on its solutions, Vision Data offers self hosted, SaaS and IaaS solutions designed to meet each newspapers budget. Their motto – Strong Accounting Driving Marketing provides the platform of quality accounting systems designed to increase market share and streamline overhead. Visit our web site at www.vdata.com.


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