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Vision Accounting Systems: Payable/General Ledger is fully interfaced on an accrual basis and allows unrestricted distribution of vouchers to General Ledger expense categories as they are entered.

General Ledger

The General Ledger has both multi-profit center and multi-company capabilities, withDownload Datasheet consolidation and elimination available at each level. The system provides complete user control over voucher payment timing, processes machine and manual payments, and maintains detailed history by voucher, vendor, and check date.

The General Ledger generates budget and prior-year comparisons, percent of total, and variance amount and percentage. The system allows full flexibility in producing a Chart of Accounts and sequencing in printing totals and supporting schedules.


Payroll provide effective payroll accounting for the multi-departmental newspaper environment, comprised of exempt and non-exempt employees. Each employee record contains space for five straight-time rates, sixteen deductions, and provisions for 401K, direct deposit, dependent care benefits, EIC, fringe benefit accounting and Cafeteria Plan accounting.

The system provides a detailed employee-by-employee breakdown of hours, pay, and taxes on a periodic, Quarter-to-date and Year-to-date basis, and automatically interfaces to the GL each time checks are processed, whether machine printed or hand drawn.

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