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Total Advertising

A combined Classified and Display Database with Graphical User Interface (GUI)…. A completely new generation of newspaper advertising sales and management software….

Customer Service

Shared Advertiser Accounts – No need to maintain duplicate names and addresses for Display and Classified Accounts, account information is available wherever needed.
Shared Contracts – Contract rates, performance information and history are available for both Classified and Display Accounts without duplication.
Credit Check – Includes ALL advertising; Display and Classified accounts are immediately cross-checked on name, address and telephone number to find any previous bad debt.
Credit Card Payments – Payments entered by Classified are seen on the account immediately for credit checking by classified and display entry personnel.
Cross Training – Display and Classified personnel utilize the same entry programs and can be cross trained to provide the most efficient customer service staff.
Instant Circulation Check – Circulation files are instantaneously checked by both Classified and Display personnel when an any ad is taken. This provides a complete customer service picture and the ability to up-sell circulation subscriptions.
Color and Graphical Screens – Provide customer service personnel with state-of-the-art tools and ergonomically efficient screens.
No Interface – Our one database design eliminates the costly, inefficient interface between classified and display billing.
One Payment Entry Screen – All advertising payments and adjustments are entered on the same screen by account, ad or invoice number for both Display and Classified, reducing the learning curve and simplifying accounting functions.
Combined Billing – The accounting office works with one set of posting, invoicing, and receivable screens for both Display and Classified accounts.

Sales Management

Reports- Sales Managers can analyze sales information for both classified and display accounts on the same reports and all reports are available for both departments. They can be printed as combined or separated.
Rates – Rates can be designed and implemented for either department and used by any account without duplication.
Classifications – One classification file is maintained and utilized by both Classified and Display.
Crystal Reports – available for “on demand” future reports required.